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Hello...I've got a hen who went broody on me and I put a golf ball in each of the three nests I have so that my chickens will know to go there to lay their eggs, and I've got a hen who is now wanting to try and hatch eggs. I've taken her eggs out everyday that she has laid and I even removed the golf ball that was in the nest that she was in, so what she does now is play "musical nests" with me. any time one of the other hens comes in and lays an egg...she moves to that nest to sit on that egg. I remove the egg and she'll continue to go from nest to nest. I even removed all of the golf balls and she's sitting on an empty nest right now...probably waiting for one of the other hens to come in and lay an egg for her to sit on again. She, herself has stopped laying any eggs. How long could this behavior possibly go on before she gets the picture? I've currently have a full coop and don't need anymore chickens. Anyone know how long they stay broody before they just give up? Thanks
Ohhhhh... bad news: some broody hens will brood themselves right to death from starvation, the brooding instinct is so strong in them.

I'm not a fan of "breaking" broody hens, but if you do a search for "breaking broody" here on BYC you will find lots of posts dealing with it.

I know you said you had a full coop and didn't want any more chickens, but what *I* would do is either get her a couple of fertile eggs or even a couple of new chicks, and slip 'em under her at night while she's sleeping in the nest. She'll be a happy girl then!

What's one or two more lil' chicks growing up in your flock??
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You could either break her broodiness by putting her in a wire bottom cage with no nesting material. Or you could put her in a cage with a lush beautiful nest full of fertile eggs for her to sit on hatch out and mother.

I prefer the later method

Let us know what you decide.
My silkie has been broody for three weeks now too. I just kinda let her stay that way. I do pick her up and put her in front of the food and water twice a day and she will eat and drink and scrath around for about 15 minutes but then runs as fast as she can back to the empty nesting box. And yes, she plays musical nests with me too if my other silkie has laid an egg. I'm torn on whether to put her in broody jail (AKA wire dog crate with not nesting material) or just let nature take its course. I really wouldn't know what to if I gave her a fertilized egg to hatch out. I have no experience in baby chicks. Good luck to you and your broody hen! Sorry I'm not more of a help.
I just had the same problem hen sitting on an empty nest. I would take her off the nest everyday and put her out with the other chickens. It lasted about 4 or 5 days. Then she stopped.

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