Broody hen so got her some fertile eggs

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    Jul 14, 2011
    My Cochin Mrs. Black Bloomers went broody. So, not having a rooster I posted on craigslist looking for some fertile standard sized eggs.
    Got an answer right away and she now has 6 fertile eggs. She has had them since 9/2 and they were laid that day.
    A few questions:
    21 days will be 9/23?
    Should she be alone? The other hens join her and are laying their egg next to her so close she ends up with it under her.
    If I find any of the fertile eggs pushed out from under her because of this are they no longer viable?

  2. johnwinters

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    Sep 5, 2011
    You should definitely separate her. The other hens might chase her out, mix their infertile eggs with hers or step and break the fertile eggs.

    I've found eggs typically hatch on the 20'th day, so that by the 21'st they are fluffed out, though that is just my personnel experience.

    If your hen is a first-time broody she may be just neglected the eggs out from under her, though I wouldn't worry too much. My hens do this too and I still have good hatches. Sometimes, especially if it is hot they will spread the eggs out and stand above them. Just so long as she is big enough to cover all six, you should be fine. Hens cycle the eggs, so if she can't cover them all they will all get cycled to the outside eventually and chilled. But again, at risk of sounding repetitious, as long as she can cover them they should be fine. I've found broody hens are a lot smarter at incubating eggs when it comes down to it then I am.

    Good luck!

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