Broody hen turning into a great mom!

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    I just joined BYC yesterday as I was looking for guidance with my own flock! I've had a broody hen for most of the summer, and I've tried so many things to get her to stop since she is messing with all the other hens eggs and I'm not getting to enjoy them for breakfast [​IMG] So I finally decided to buy some fertilized eggs (no roosters in this coop!) for her to let her be the mama she is longing to be. She didn't do the best job with the eggs. Cracked 2 and abandoned them one day. So we have a new Wilco store that opened this weekend and they had tons of baby chicks. So I went for feed and came home with 2 chicks for her. Of course, yesterday, one of her eggs started pipping! I brought the purchased chicks into the coop to get used to being around the others. They were in their own bin and my other hens were free ranging in the yard to give all the newbies some space. I borrowed my neighbors bunny cage and once the new chick hatched I moved it with mama hen into the cage. She was pecking at it a little so I was concerned. She tucked her under, but I wasn't feeling to confident in her as a mom. By evening, my purchased chicks had moved their way into the cage with her, and she seemed to tolerate them. Of course I worried about them not being accepted and freezing all night, so we went out late to set up the heat lamp. They were inching in closer and closer to the mama, Penny. This morning they were nicely nestled in!
    I'm still a little concerned about the newest chick... I haven't seen her since last night. She's either staying warm and tucked in, or maybe smothered? I'm sure I will check on them 172 times today so we'll see. Penny is very protective, so I'm not sure how checking for the baby will go.
    All in all, she has surprised me. I didn't think this was going to go so well, and I thought we would be hand raising the 3 chicks in the bunny cage and have to continue to deal with broody Penny! Can't wait to watch the progress![​IMG]
  2. Chickydoo

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    Sep 4, 2011
    Fox Island, WA
    Just got in from checking on them and giving more food and water. All 3 chicks are doing great! The youngest has perked up since I saw her last, and they're all getting retaliation on Penny for pecking at them. They all keep pecking at her face and eyes, she doesn't seem to mind. I worry about letting all of my other hens in the coop with them while they are roaming. I think I will stay out there while introducing them. I'm sure that Penny would protect them. I've already gotten so attached that I can't let anything happen to them. My other concern is letting them out into the run. I know they could get out, but not back in, so I think we may need to wait a couple weeks??
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    Good luck!
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    Quote:Only 172?! lol

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