Broody hen vs. Incubator

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    Now spring seems to be in full swing I was wondering what everybodies opinions are on hen vs incubator in raising chicks? It is my opinion I prefer the hen. I have heard a lot of horror stories on incubator chicks. I believe when chicks hatch the hen sometimes encourages them to fight and this gives a chick a chance to thrive. I wonder how many incubator chicks that don't have this make it? I believe hen hatched chicks are helathier(ie pasty butt) and happier. Some say the chicks aren't as friendly, but I think this is due to human involvement. I seen feed store chicks after awhile aren't overly friendly either. I as a chick would rather enter this world having a moma hen to snuggle with. I heard the hen can actually communicate with the egg.
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    Either way works. They will be friendlest with who ever they have the most interaction with. I think the majority of incubation problems are user error and inexperience coupled with bad luck. Hen doesn't have heat swings or humidity problems and is there to watch the eggs 24/7. If you could watch the incubator 24/7, and auto regulate humidity with your body, it would hatch just as well.

    There are arguements for both sides and there are even some broodys who make bad moms, get off the nest, and abandon their chicks. So it is up to you really.
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    I prefer the hen....less work for me. [​IMG]

    Plus, in most cases I've found the hen to have a higher hatch rate. And with the hen I don't have to worry about power surges or outages, both of which very common here especially during the spring/early summer.

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