Broody hen w/no rooster


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6 Years
May 20, 2013
My maran has gone broody. She is about 6 months old and had only been laying about a month before she decided that she is ready to be a mommy. The sad thing for her is that we do not have a rooster, nor do we want to hatch chicks. She has been broody for about two weeks. From what I've read, the cycle last about 3 weeks. She seems to be less willing to come out and eat/drink than she was last week. Should I give her some more time or try to break her? I don't want to go against her natural instincts but I don't want her health to suffer either. Not to mention, she isn't laying and is hogging one of our two nesting boxes.
I would just try to break her, if you aren't going to put fertile eggs under her. Some of them will sit a whole whole lot longer than three weeks if no chicks hatch, they don't quit sitting just because three weeks is up.

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