Broody hen wandered away

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    Help! I've been busy integrating 2 flocks (with success!) and didn't notice that my broody hen had wandered away. She's been broody for about 2 weeks. We don't have a rooster, so I've been taking the eggs out from under her. My son said he last saw her on Tuesday morning, and I let them out of the run to free range on Tuesday evening. On Tuesday night we locked up, but didn't take a head count. I noticed she was no longer sitting on the nest, but thought that she wasn't broody anymore, and was out with the flock in the run. Today I did a head count, and noticed she was missing. We searched our property, but can't find her. Our property backs up to our woods, so she could be anywhere. And if she's still broody, I don't think she's going to respond to me calling as she usually would. So, as I see it she's either broody and hiding somewhere on a nest, or she became prey. My question is, does anyone really know how long a hen stays broody? She's a sex link, so I'm hoping that means she won't stay broody too much longer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find her and/or get her to come back? [​IMG]
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    Sounds like she is definitley trying be a Momma. I had a Red Star hatch out some babies last year. My 1st broody hen. It was exciting. And if they are determined they will not leave until they hatch out babies or you stick some babies under her. I have had broody hens in the boxes since June and I don't move them out until they are close to hatching cause I don't have the room. I sure hope you find your girl and she is safe and maybe sitting on eggs somewhere.

    But every hen I have had that has gone broody has not gotten off the nest until the babies hatch. Good Luck and My prayers are with you to find your girl.


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