broody hen, want to give her some eggs- newbie


6 Years
Jun 20, 2015
South jersey USA
Hello, I am new to hatching eggs. I have a hen who has just started to become broody. She's pulling out her feathers, making a distinct clucking sound and walks around puffed up. I'd like to give her a few eggs and see how she does with them. My questions are: How old is too old (for the egg) to try and hatch it? Probably a dumb question, but can I use refrigerated eggs, or do they have to be room temperature? The reason I ask is because I only have 1 hen that I'd collect the eggs from. And I'd have to wait a week to get all the eggs from that hen if I cannot use refrigerated. I have a bantam rooster and 15 hens of all sizes. My one hen is his favorite so I know she's fertile but a lot are not because the "action" just cannot happen because of the size difference. He does give it a good honest try though with the bigger ones :lau And it's pretty hilarious!
Any tips are appreciated!

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