Broody Hen Wants to Roost in House


Crossing the Road
13 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
A hen with chicks that is supposed to be in garage most of day was let out by dog around noon making so she could range well away from garage before roosting time. We had to eat a pizza before it got cold so during that time I lost track of hen. Then my daughter went to get a drink and yelled out a hen was in the house. By the time I got their hen was collecting chicks under my son's bed. It took 15 minutes to get hen and brood stuffed into a pet carrier. Chicks were flying into windows and sliding on hardwood floor trying to stay away from carrier. Hen literally had to be stuffed into box. She kept getting out as I tried to put chicks in. Every time she got out she went for a corner and started digging a nest bowl calling chicks not yet collected to her. She wanted to be in the house. I have not had a broody hen in the house for years and not had one pull roosting off inside since I was a kid. Clearly the hens think the inside of a house is special.


Apr 23, 2020
WOW. I loved that story sorta made me chuckle. Especially the pizza part, I dang sure would not have let my pizza get cold either. You did the right thing.:gig🍕💕🐤

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