Broody hen - When should I relocate?


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Jun 8, 2011
My OEG bantam has her nest of eggs in the back of a truck. I added some pine shavings, but now when should I move her and the eggs? This is my first experience with a broody hen.
I'm no expert but usually I move the hen and eggs during the nighttime once she's gone broody so she wakes up in the new area with her eggs and thinks she's always been there

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It's best to move the hen to a safe place 24-48 hours before she starts setting on eggs so that she will get settled in. A few years ago, I didn't follow this rule and the hen
ended up terrified and trampling all the eggs. Obviously, in your situation it is to late, so leave her there until the chicks hatch then move her to a safe secure erea with her
new babies. Moving them at night is best because it reduces stress. Good luck with your first broody!!

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I have no idea why she laid them in the back of our truck when we she could have just stayed in the coop.

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