Broody hen with chicks leave with other hens or seperate


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Mar 2, 2013
Hello everyone,

We placed some fertile eggs under our broody hen and we happy to say they have hatched however we are unsure whether to leave the broody hen with her chicks together with the rest of our flock which consists of only 4 hens or separate them? Is it likely that one or more of the hens would attach the chicks?
I've had other flock members attack the chicks and I've had broody hens with chicks live in harmony with the rest of the flock. It can go both ways, but it is more likely that they will leave the chicks in peace after "checking them out". If your hen is a good, protective mom she will also make sure the other hens don't mess with her babies. It is always better to let broody hens raise their chicks as part of the flock, so I'd suggest leave them in there and just keep an eye on them for the first day or two.

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