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    I have a broody hen and purchased 8 fertilized eggs. The bird is very broody and things are looking good. When the chicks hatch and move about the coop what should the temperature be. I live in North Florida and the nights get into the 40's.

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    Working with Broody Hens: Let Mama Do It by Harvey Ussery from ...
    Working with Broody Hens: Let Mama Do It by Harvey Ussery from the June/July,
    2006 issue of Backyard Poultry. - Cached - Similar
    I am NOOOO expert I am just starting to try out a broody hen my self, but I did find this very infomational article, I hope it helps. [​IMG]
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    She'll keep them warm. The first few days they'll all stay in the nest and then they'll run around with her and occasionally she'll sit and warm them up.
    They can take considerable cold.
    I recently had chicks hatch in that temp and I was surprised how little time they spent under her once they started going outside.
    I think people coddle birds too much.
    The sooner they get used to the cold the better.

    If I brood without a hen I have a big elevated brooder with a couple lamps that have hot spots and lots of cool space. They spend more time in the cool areas than by the lamps.
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    Mama will fix them right up- just make sure they have a place to nest on the floor once she leaves the nest box.

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