Broody hen with non hatching eggs.

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    I don't think my broody hen gets hatching eggs. I've seen her run out of her nest with an egg shell in her mouth and eat it someplace else. I have found several dead chicks. A couple in the egg and one on the ground but all were away from the nest. It's as if she knows to sit on the eggs but doesn't realize she is suppose to raise the chicks. I did take out an egg from the nest with tongs...... yes, much safer for me, the chick pipped! I stuck it under a broody hen and it hatched a day or two later. So, the baby turkey is with 5 baby French Copper Maran chicks and it's mother. I noticed turkeys grow slow compared to the chicks. I'm not sure if the turkey hen has any more eggs under her. I tried to look but I didn't have much luck. I just found my other hen sitting on 10 eggs, give or take. They are both first time broodies.

    Ok, I have another question. The turkey chick is cute as can be and has fuzz all over like a chicken chick. Why then do turkeys have no feathers on there neck or head like a chicken? They don't eat meat and get dirty like a buzzard. It is strange that the baby turkey would have fuzz on it's head. Here is the baby turkey with it's chicken family.


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