Broody hen with pale comb

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    I just noticed this a couple days ago, and can't figure out if it is normal or not. My broody hen has been sitting for close to 3 weeks. She is separated in another pen with a mom and her 2 week old chick. They get along fine and the all sleep together with the chick in between them. She has unlimited access to food and water. I even put a little cup of feed in her nest to she does not have to get up very much. I'm pretty sure she is in lock down right now because I have not seen her get off the nest for more than a couple minutes for the past few days. The mamma in with her is moulting too, so she might be starting soon.

    I feed a big feeder of chick starter/grower, and then a little container of Layena natural. Broody has a mix of both directly in front of her. I have been bringing them greens and and frozen fruit once a day.
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    When hens stop laying to become broody, their combs becomes pale, and smaller. It will fill out, and go back to normal when they start laying again. Its a normal process. Have fun with the chicks. [​IMG]
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