Broody hen won’t accept the final chick that hatched from her clutch! HELP!!

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    My broody silkie has hatched 4 chicks and the 5th was a late hatcher and took 3 days longer. She actually buried the egg underneath the hay yesterday and I had to search around for it. It had a pip so I put it under her and again last night she had abandoned it. So I placed it under her once again and this morning I went to check and the beak was out and chirping but she wanted nothing to do with it! The membrane was so dried out from not being under the mom that I had to basically rescue it from it’s egg by using an eye dropper to soften the membrane, it took hours!! The chick finally hatched but when I put it back with the mom, she basically kicked it! She has made it clear that she’s not going to take care of this chick. What the heck?? She’s an awesome mama to her other 4 chicks I’m confused and worried!!
    Right now I have the chick in my bathroom with a space heater so it’s nice and toasty in there but what do I do long term?? Cage by itself with heat lamp?
    Poor little thing, I feel so bad for it.

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    Poor little thing. What time of day did you give it back to mumma? Sometimes they will accept them back if you put them back under mumma in the middle of the night. Mumma is way too sleepy to argue at midnight and when she wakes up in the morning... well, luckily chickens are pretty thick and can't count!! It's worth a go. Good luck, I hope he makes it.
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    Try at night when the hen is asleep
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