Broody Hen?


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Jan 28, 2009
Can anyone tell me how to set up a possilbe broody hen? DO I isolate her from the others or keep her in a group? Should she have closed in quarters. She keeps sitting in a temporay nest I set up in a car tire. I have separated my pen in 2 and she seems to leave the nest more often since I isolated her. How can I tell if she really wants to go broody or not?


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Feb 12, 2009
Pike Co., GA & Palm Beach Co., FL
Well jj, if she spends the night on the nest and not the roost, you probably have a winner. Put some dummy eggs under her and see if she settles in. She should be isolated from the others for privacy and also the fact that other hens may add eggs to her nest. The nest should be floor level so the hen & chicks can return to the nest at night. The space you have her in should be large enough to allow her to leave the nest to relieve herself. Of course she must have food and water in her pen and she will leave the nest when she wants/ needs too, so don`t worry about it. When moving her, or swapping the dummy eggs for the eggs you want her to hatch(about 2 days after she settles on the dummies) do it in the dark so as to not stress her. Twenty one days and she makes you proud. Have fun......Pop

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