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    I am not sure what to do with my broody hen...she has been glued to her nest for over a month now...She shares the coop with 3 other hens, I have no rooster so any eggs she sits on are not fertilized. She allows me to take the eggs from under her, or lift her out of the nest and put her outside. she rarely will come off the nest on her own to eat or drink. We have been moving her out a few times a day. I have tried locking her out of the coop and she runs around like a crazy woman screaching up a storm. The three other hens have begun to lay their eggs in the garden or on a nest on the floor of the coop because they will not go near her anymore. Should I get her some fertlized eggs to hatch, I have tried isolating her in a wire pen but she went back to the nest after 4 days.
    Will she come out of this on her own and rejoin the girls? Any ideas would be great!!!
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    If it's been a month, I would buy a couple of day old chicks to put under her some evening.

    Of course, if she rejects them, then you are the momma... and that's work.
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    I would give her some eggs to sit on, it breaks my heart when they think they have been cut off from their nests.

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