Broody Hen?

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9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Garrison, MN
I've asked something similar to this before but it was for a completely different chicken. My leghorn seemed to have gone broody but after watching her for a few weeks I think she just likes being lazy and hanging out in the nest box, because she will get up to eat and run off with the other chickens.

Now, this hen I'm asking about is from one of my own hatches. She's a 'mutt', I think she's a cross with my EE roo and my BR hen. She's been laying eggs for maybe 2-3 weeks and I've noticed for the last few days that when I let everyone else out, she stays inside in her little nest box.. no matter if there's eggs in there or whether she's laying eggs or not, etc. I have another one that looks just like her that does the same but when I reach in she chews me out and then runs off with everyone else, THIS hen however.. she chewed me a new one, refused to get out of the box, puffed all up and when I finally did grab her and take her out she never moved an inch. She sat in my arms until I finally had to set her down.. she really had no intention of going anywhere. She ran off to eat with everyone else (after telling me off again) but I bet if I go back in 10 minutes she'll be back in that nest box again trying to hatch out her piece of wood.

What would you recommend that I do to get her out of being broody? I've heard of the wire floor cage and keeping her in there for a couple of days, I just have no idea where I'd put her that she wouldn't be picked on.

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