Broody hen


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
I know this has been a topic before, but I'm looking for some fresh ideas/advice. I have a one year old Silkie hen that has been broody for about 11 days now. I do not want chicks at this time so I'm trying to break her of it. I have been removing her eggs and then pulling her from her nest and putting her in the yard, but she just runs back to her nest after about 10 or 15 minutes. I have also tried dunking her belly in cold water a few times a day. No luck yet. I'm at work all day so I only have a few hours a day to work with her and I'm out of ideas. Should I just keep doing this and hope it stops soon?
If you can safely fix it so that she cannot get to the nest I would do that first. Some do it simply by putting the broody in a cage with food and water for a couple days.

Just be warned, some birds are unbreakable.

I didn't read through Ridgerunner's thread, but I do agree with the raised cage method. I have four bantams that go broody every month and the only way I have found that actually works to break them is with the cage. Some take longer than others, but it has always worked for me. It seems like the sooner you try to break them, the easier it is. If you let them go too long it could take as long as a week in the cage, but it is better than "waiting" for it to run it's course. It may never run it's course and being broody indefinitely is not good for a hen.

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