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    May 31, 2009
    I have a BO hen who has been broody for 10 days. No, she can't hatch chicks - I'm maxxed out for my town's ordinances.

    She's being kept in a cage and let out twice a day for a bit of romping. I close off the house so she can't go sit in the nest box and she finds a shallow in the yard . . . and sits there.

    Really, is this unusual for it to last this long? I'm about ready to give her a cold bath to see if that will cool her down because she's giving me a lot of grief.

    Anybody have any suggestions as to what to do with her? How can I break this broody cycle?

  2. tls_ranch

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    It's hard to break them of being broody sometimes. You could try putting a few of these "tricks"

    Put her in a wire cage up off of the ground.
    Get her belly wet with the "water bath" with cold water.
    Keep moving her around and out of dark places. Don't let her sit for any period of time.

    I hope others will post some more ideas too:)

  3. ChickyChickyBaby

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    I try all of those listed by Trisha.

    If I happen to be hatching in the incubator, I have taken some week old chicks and snuck them under the broody at night. Otherwise, I usually use a wire cage.
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    You could always let her hatch, raise them, then give them to friends or sell them. If you can't break her that is.

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