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    I have a broody Rhode Island Red. She is hogging the favorite nest. I have even tried putting her in a different nest box with a fertilized egg and she returns right back to the favorite. Sometimes there will be 3 chickens in one box to lay their eggs. How long does the broodiness last? Does anyone know....Do they continue to lay eggs during this time. I do not believe that she is laying right now. Egg production is way down. It has been going on for about 6 weeks. Any thoughts.
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    She will not lay when broody.

    Hens are generally - if setting on fertile eggs - setting broody for 3 weeks, chicks hatch and she cares for them for another 3 to 6 weeks. All hens are different and some will care for chicks longer.

    She will will go back to laying eggs, when her chicks are 3 to 6 weeks old - again sometimes later, depending upon the hen.

    Do you have a plastic dog crate? If so, what I do is get the crate ready during the day - well bedded with nice nesting material and make a nest hole. At dusk, just after all birds have gone to roost, I move the eggs first, place them in the nest hole, then pick the hen up (hand on each side of her body, covering her wings), pull her out of the nest box and place her into the crate, on top of her eggs. Give her a minute or two, she will settle over the eggs.

    Then I place a towel over the crate, to keep it dark in the morning. Depending upon the bird, I can take the towel off the next morning and they are fine. Some need a day in the dark of the crate before accepting this as their new broody area.

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