Broody Hen


8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
My hen has been sitting on her nest for about 5 weeks. I take her out 3 or 4 times a day. She will go take a dust bath or drink and eat a little and then return to her nest. Is this normal?, How long will she do this? Can I do anything to stop this behavior?
get a day old chick and put it under her in the dead of night. otherwise you need to break her broodiness. you can find ideas on how to do this by searching "breaking broody hens" or something to that effect. One question tho. Is she on fertile eggs? If so, they should have hatched in 21 days or so.
Hey Mom!
You need to mention that you do not want any chicks and that you are removing the eggs... Hope someone can give you some pointers.
She does not have a egg and hasn't layed any since I took it out on day two. I don't want to hatch them I'm not set up for that. Thank you:D
If you dont want her to be broody, put her in a wire cage for a awhile, or a pen that has a wire bottom, that should breck her of it.

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