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    Jul 18, 2011
    mid michigan
    Hi everyone

    We just got our 6 hens this past July and just last night I had a buff orp. decide to stay on a nest. This is her second night on the nest so I am thinking she is broody. Has anyone had any luck having a hen raise chicks in the winter. We live in mid michigan and winters can be hard at times. I am concerned that if i do give her chicks now they will not survive the winter.


  2. Spring Chook

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    Dec 29, 2009
    Unless you have a very warm coop, it would probably be more sensible to wait till its a bit warmer. If your chicken has gone broody once, she'll doubtless go broody again. This might be a good time to see how seroius she is about being a mum - some chickens go broody but get bored before the job is done. if this chicken sits for a long time, and you find it difficult to break her broodiness, that suggests she might be a good mum and would look after her eggs/ chicks. I have several chickens that go broody from time to time but only one that I trust to look after her babies.
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    I have 2 hens that decided to go broody, I am letting them sit and hatch what they want too. The mommy will keep them warm, make sure you have a heating lamp for when the weather gets extremely cold like it does here in OHIO. I have hatched several babies this time of year because my girls, just can't get the time exact yet. But yes if you have a good mommy, like I have (silkies) they will do the motherly job just fine. My silkies like to go broody at the strangest time, but we have always have success.. Seeing how I have silkies they take the job very serious and will sit as long as it takes until they hatch that first baby out. They are CRAZy...

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