Broody Hen


10 Years
Sep 19, 2011
Buckeye, AZ
I have a broody hen this is my first time with one and she so far is a great mommy. I have a very small backyard flock 3 hens. She started acting broody so I got her a couple eggs from a friend with roosters and shes doing great. They are getting ready to hatch on the 28th. My problem is she is still in the coop with the other two hens. I really don't want to make a special place for her and the chick (She only has two eggs and I only think one is good). Will they be ok if I leave them in the coop with the other two? I also have a 2 month old pullet at my friends house I was waiting to introduce to the girls if I put her in at the same time will that take some of the stress off the mom and chick? Any advice I would love. Thank you to all you wonderful chicken people!
Double Barrel Chick
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I think you should put them in at the same time.

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