Broody hen


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6 Years
Jul 15, 2013
hey chicken farmers out there i got a broody hen today from my buddy to hatch out and i got her home and she isnt sitting on the eggs any suggestions how to get her to sit on eggs
I have a RIR pair that are isolated from the rest of the flock. I want to let her go broody and raise her chicks for more straight RIRs. Will I need to remove the roo?
Good luck, I tried that last month, friend had a broody, brought her home sat her on 3 dummy eggs waiting, was waiting for evening to set the fertile ones with her, she heard the chickens out and jumped up and started pecking and and calling, left her alone for a bit went back out to check and she had pushed the eggs off the nest. She broke out of it that quick..

Funny thing, all our hens the one rooster accepted her without any hassle... I dont think she has started laying again tho. Its been a couple weeks... Anyone khow long before she starts giving eggs?

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