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    Nov 20, 2013
    Gauteng, South Africa
    Hi All, I need some help. Live in Gauteng, South Africa. I have a broody hen which we have been trying to break for more than 2 weeks now, Previous times we were able to break but this time she is adamant. Temps here 95F which is probably also not helping.
    I have heard (and need to confirm here), that I can put baby chicks under her at night and she will raise them. Is this true? I wouldn't want to put baby chicks at any risk. I can get from day old from another friends that hatched in an incubator. I have 4 hens in total. 2 x Koekoek and 2 Lowman Browns. Please advise.

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    [​IMG] Allow her to become settled in her nest site (as in stop trying to break her), place the chicks beneath her in the evening - this allows her to bond with them overnight, and all should go well.

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