Broody hens and roosters

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    Everything you know about broody hens put here your favorite breed of broody hens your least favorite 'cause I need serious help I want a broody hen but don't know what breed to get. Also roosters your favorite breeds your least favorite what breeds of hens those roosters will breed with. Thanks for your help. Ava
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    Oh, that rooster is the cutest thing ever! [​IMG]

    I have no idea what breeds to recommend, since my own selections back-fired on me.

    I got 2 Buff Orpingtons, thinking they would be my broody hens and would be guaranteed to raise a couple of batches of chicks for me. Aside from a two day stint in the nest box, so far no chicks.

    I also got 4 RIR hens purely on the assumptions that (1) They would be good egg layers (they are) and (2) They would NOT go broody, and therefore I would have continued egg supply whilst the BO's were out hatching chicks.

    Guess who is now on Day 5, stuck like glue to a nest of 11 eggs?

    Yep. The RIR. So as you can see, nothing is 100% guaranteed in the world of chickens!

    - Krista
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    Silkies generally are know for broodiness. Any hatchery quality chickens will generally have less broodiness because it is selected out of them. Some chickens who layeggs well and brood well are orpingtons but nothing is guaranteed.

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