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    Nov 1, 2009
    Hi everyone, newbie here. One of my hens is just coming out of brooding about 2 weeks now. When she was full into her brooding, her comb was flat against her head. She's been out now 2 weeks and her comb is still flat to the side. She has full roam of my backyard and has come out of the coop like I said for about 2 weeks now and traveling with the flock, but still hasn't resumed laying. Any ideas when she will begin to lay again and also when her comb will stand up like my other hens. I've attached a picture below of her and her comb, she is my white chicken in this pic. Thanks everyone!

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    Their combs go pale and fall over when they go broody. I guess because they aren't laying.....? My RIR was broody for the longest, didn't have any fertile eggs, so she just had to get over it. It took about 3 months. Her comb was pale and flopped over. Now that she's out with the others, it's reddened up and is standing.

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    Buffy, my Buff Orphington has gone broody so I thought I'd let her sit on some eggs, never did it the natural way before. The first day her bright red comb has turned white. So I guess that is normal eh?
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    Wow, you have answered my question exactly!! I have a hen that her comb started going pale over the past 2 weeks. At the same time, she started to go broody. Yesterday was in full broody mode, clucking like a mother hen, panicked to get back to her eggs.

    I have never had a broody before and was concerned about the color of her comb. Now I know!!!!

    I hope your girls comb starts to stand up again. My girls is a bit limp, but has not fallen over yet.

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