broody hens every where!!!!!!!

chicken delighted

8 Years
Mar 26, 2011
i have 5 broody hens sitting ! this year 10 have went broody. has this ever happen to any one i have 30 hens in with 2 roos. any every time i think where about done here we go agian,
i love seeing the chicks but does any one know do they slow down towards fall. my egg production has slow down some with 5 of the girls in broody pens. i hope we have lots of pullets

is it the weather , the food or just broody fever
I think it's just broody fever. I just say my little prayer each night, PLEASE not another one tomorrow.
I had one broody hen back in Feburary and made the mistake of wishing for another in my small flock of 9 laying Buff Orpingtons. Well.. what is the saying.. "be careful what you wish for".,.
I had first one.. two days later.. another.. 1 day later..another .. and just last weekend.. #4. They decided to occupy all the most popular top nest boxes so my egg production went down to almost zero!! The first hen hatched out on Monday.. number 2 started yesterday.. both have been moved to the floor - which opened up two nests...I got 4 eggs yesterday...
I can only imagine what the future might hold since I have a "bunch" of chicks being raised up.. with the oldest being 23 weeks and the youngest 1 day old

DH is working on plans for more nest boxes for the girls...a different design than the current 4 upper/4 lower cubeish one since rarely - if ever.. are the lower nests used. It is funny to watch the line forming for one of the upper nests.. I wonder if any of the other... nope.. not going to say it!!!

thank heavens
i thought mine had went wild with the fever. i hope we all have lots of healthy chicks let me see some of your hatches if you can i will up load some of mine so far.
good luck with your hatches

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