Broody hens I have three hens out of four are broody

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    May 4, 2011
    I have a mutt chicken she went broody first ,then one of my two game hens joined her in the barrel.(nesting Box) The two hens worked out setting on eight eggs. some times my mutt hen named mamma who is bigger than the game hen would sit on her and all the eggs. At times Mama looked like a two headed chicken because the other hens head was poking out from under her. they hatched five out of the eight, two could not get out of the shells and one egg was a dud. the chicks are now almost three weeks old. Now my Seram hen thinks it is time to set on eggs. All of the chicks have a serama rooster father. Wondering how the game hen and seram will turn out. so far they have white fluff in spots ,The serama is getting brown spots and mama's chick has feathers on its feet like its mamma. Hope to hatch more seramas. I bought an incubator and about two days later they were setting on eggs. I want to hatch siver spangled Hambergs. of course the hens dont want to set on their eggs and a hamberg egg is big for my serama hen. So i try a hamberg egg see is she will take it?[​IMG] these are the serama hen and rooster.[​IMG]
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    I wish I'd have a couple hens go broody... then I'd put chicks under them from out of the incubator next week.
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    Quote:Me too. I want to hatch and I'd love to have a broody right now.

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