Broody hens.

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Aug 16, 2015
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i have had one broody hen sitting on a dozen eggs for a little over a week she is the top hen right now she is seperated but today I had two more hens go broody a leghorn and a BO now my top hen that is a black australorp is having a problem sitting on all those eggs should i split those eggs with with the two new broodies and could I let them brood all together and it be like triple mama but I have a problem with that I don't have enough space for all three of them to be in there together. Is it safe for them to hatch in the coop I worry about when they hatch they will get picked on by other hens the two new broodies are fairly low on the pecking order and the Bo is on the very bottom and the leghorn is only 2 spots above her. I also have another problem I don't want my
Top hen to lose her spot, I want her to defend her chicks well, when I bring her back I am not worried about the other hens I worry about the other broodies last year they fought pretty bad but not bad with non broodies also last year they were more spaced out they weren't all at the same time it's almost like I can't handle them all right now should I just break one and keep the other or just the new broodies I am definitely keeping the top hen as mother but I don't know about the other two. Sorry I have so many questions a lot of them I have answers for but I'm not sure and I don't want to regret anything.
Here is how i fixed my coop so 2 hens could be sitting on eggs at the same time. Hopefully in a week or 2 I can take down the wire (which is just held up with zip ties). I was having a problem with the chicks going to the wrong mom and getting pecked.
Do they not just fly over the wire? And don't they fight?

No on the flying over they will stay with their chicks the chicks are only a few day old. And their hasnt been any fighting a few growls here and there but nothing bad. the big problem I had was the chicks going to the wrong mom and getting pecked.
Update one of them ended up not being broody but the leghorn was or I thought so I went out to the coop she was seeming broody puffing up making broody clucks and she picked her under feathers off like most broodies but then I grabbed her and put her in her own nest with my other broody and then she started making normal chicken noises and stopped puffing did I accidentally break her or is she just confused with her new surroundings?

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