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May 22, 2012
North Dakota
So I have a bit of a mess lol. All three of my nest boxes are occupied with some very determined ladies; 4 chickens and 1 turkey to be exact. Yes that's right. Two hens are in one nest box and the turkey sits on top of one of the hens. (my other hens also squeeze in there to lay eggs during the day)

I've literally tried everything to get them to stop, may have succeeded with the turkey (she's back in her "squatting for anything that moves" phase.) But I finally relented and just let two of the, so far, most consistent hens have 4 eggs each.

So I guess my question is, will I be running into problems with having 2 hens with chicks at the same time. Think they will kind of share? This will be the first time I've let a hen have chicks in the main coop.

Going to move each mama into a pet carrier when hatch day arrives.


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Nov 23, 2010
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You won't have a problem with multiple hens and chicks simultaneously. That's how they have reproduced for eons.
Your problems will be from other hens continuing to contribute eggs which will create a disastrous staggered hatch. Hopefully you have marked the original eggs and are removing any volunteers.
Breaking broody hens isn't difficult. People have used the same technique for centuries. Suspend the hen in a wire bottom cage and the cool air reaching the underside breaks the hormone cycle and they're back to normal in a couple days.

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