Broody hens


9 Years
Nov 24, 2010
I have a small flock of 3 hens all of which were given to me full grown. Two of them have been brooding for almost three weeks with no eggs. How do I get them to stop?
Alot of people try to break a broody, but mostly unsuccessfully.

Do you have an egg, wooden egg, try to get a few fertile eggs locally?
Something for them to sit on for the duration.

I take my broodies off 1x daily for stretching, pooing, feed & water. Since my broodies are also in the coop with the others,
I also watch the nest to make sure no one else lays in that nest. Once my broody returns, which does not take long, I can leave her be.

Since they've been broody for about 21 days already, just keep taking them out every time you go to your coop, several times a day if possible.
They might give it up after several days.

Good luck!
Thanks guys. Since my hens are freerange and it is nice and cool out I have kicked them out of the coop and shut the door during the day. They dont seem to be bothered by it, but this morning I had to kick them out again. I tried the icepack cure yesterday to no avail and I'm not sure I'm ready for a broody cage just yet. As long as they dont mind being put out during the day I think I will stick with this method and see how it goes.
Im so so so excited to say after a day of removing my broody girl on the hour yesterday, she woke up this morning and was running the yard with the rest of the girls!! That was my first experience with a broody girl and arter reading everyones failures I was thinking this was gonna be so much more of a pain. Thanks to all who helped me. I read this site for hours yesterday trying to figure her out.

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