broody hens


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I had to broody hens this year a light sussex and a hybrid they both failed to hatch, i was just wondering is there a chance they will go broody next year?
If they have gone broody once, the odds favor that they will become broody again. Do you know why they failled to hatch chicks?
The eggs were infertile and exploaded all over the hens
well first i used my own and they failed to hatch so i threw them away then i baught some online and they also failed to hatch
That is too bad, and messy!
I would like to hatch eggs under one of my hens as well- when the time comes...
"bargain" is selling lavender project eggs right now- reasonable price. I plan to get
them from her (nice farm, seem very honest), She has many others (Sussex, Delawares).
Don't give up- try again.
(or go to the blue bar above and click on "sponsors")

Good luck
Thanks and im not going to give up, i had this welsummer and she had 26 eggs under her (far to many) non hatched the year after that she went broody and she had 8 eggs one was just 8 off hatching and another hen stood on it and cracked it
and this march i found her lieng dead on her back in the feild
Just make sure you don't give your broody hens too many eggs - You can give them up to as many as they can cover.

A mother hen, when turning her eggs, shifts them around. So if say there is no room for two or three eggs and they sit out from under her, eventually they will be moved back under her and another set of eggs will take their place, chilling them all slowly.

So to maximize your success, less might actually be more!
next year im going to buy some eggs and use a few of my own and put it under the hen and i hope i will have better look..

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