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    How long after brooding will a hen start laying again? I have hen who hatched out and is raising 4 chicks that are 1 1/2 month old now (so cute). I know the weather could also be affecting her but she hasn't layed an egg yet after brooding when she used to lay every other day consistently.

    FYI: The hen that brooded was my Thai hen and she hatched out a RIR/EE cross, a L. Brahma/EE cross and what I think are 2 more Thai's. I initially put 8 eggs under her and she layed 2 more at the start of her brood for a total of 10. Only 5 hatched and of the 5, 4 survived.
    I know traditional Thai's aren't suppose to lay that many eggs. Someone who looked closely at her legs said she might have some EE in her.
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    Mine have started within a week or so of whenever they stopped mothering the chicks, and started chasing them away and roosting with the mature flock.
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    Depends on the hen. My first broody started back up at 5 weeks. My next broody was 9 weeks until she started laying.

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