Broody house chicken - now what!

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    May 18, 2009
    I know I have told you all stories of Frack, my house chicken. She's a dark Brahma who got herself pretty torn up by a roo. She had flesh pretty much just hanging off one side, so I treated her and let her recuperate her in my kitchen. She had daily outings in the front yard but would not rejoin the flock. She came in every night, roosting on the stairs until we went to bed, at which time we put her in her pet carrier in the kitchen. She healed nicely and re-grew skin, but her feathers never came back in.


    We ultimately re-homed the roo, which made her and all her hen friends very happy. Frack finally rejoined the flock but would knock on the front door every day to come in to lay her egg. This has gone on for several months. If we go somewhere and are gone too long, when we get home she is pacing the front porch - how dare we have a life! The last couple of nights she has come in late afternoon/early evening and, of course, spent the night. I thought she just figured out she was going to have a sleep-over with air-conditioning and treats, but nope, now she's gone broody on me in my kitchen! She woudn't even come out for a piece of corn.


    I put two black copper Marans eggs along with one of hers under her this morning. They have been in the 'bator for a week, so I will only have a house broody for a couple of weeks, and then house chicks? Pretty soon, we will be living in the coop, because my house is "going to the chickens."

    Why do people call me "the crazy chicken lady"?
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    That's too cute! I hope they all hatch out alright and then you can have little cheepers all around your kitchen!
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    So, so fun! [​IMG]

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