Broody Jackpot!

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    Mar 12, 2018
    Hubert, NC
    Just had to brag on my ladies for a second. I have five separate coops. I have a barnyard mix coop, an Orpington coop, a Wyandotte coop, an Americauna coop, and a bitty grow out coop. In the barnyard mix coop, my Polish/Silkie is broody and sitting on a clutch. In my Orpington coop, my lavender is broody and sitting on a clutch too! Yay! Plus the 'bator at home. :D Spring has Sprung!
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    Hitting the broody jackpot is like being told I've been selected to file everyone's tax returns. :barnie

    Excess broody's bullying my flock, plenty of chicks, and hungry hawks... a recipe for my nightmares. :hmm

    Hope your adventures go fantastic! :wee

    Pics always welcome! ;)
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