broody just laid an egg... huh?


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
this is the second time this hen has gone broody. shes a great mama. i heard someone out there doing the egg song so i investigated and it was her! she was out of her nest and i looked in and saw she had a new egg in there. odd. i took it out because i dont want any staggered eggs in there, and she went right back in and sat again. she has been on the original eggs for 2-3 days. im not positive she just laid this one, but she must have. now why would she still be laying if shes sitting? could it just have been one that was in the making before she set on those eggs?
Are you positive it was her egg? I just went out to check for eggs and one of
my Wellies is in with my broody BLRW laying her egg in there with her!

Funny thing is the broody is letting her! LOL!
its definetly her egg i promise, i have her seperated. i put 5 green eggs under her the other day, shes been sitting, then today there was a little tinted egg under her (shes a banty) and she was singing. odd i know. she went right back in to sit again. im stumped.
I think this is the second time I've read of this happening. I suppose with hatcheries' many efforts to breed out broodiness, anything can happen.

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