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    Jul 16, 2008
    my silkie went broody last week I seen she was sitting on 4 eggs. I went to candle them and not one had anything going on. so I put 2 eggs under her that have a week left to go on them and left her. when I went to check in the morning she had kicked the 2 eggs out. I know the eggs were good because I candled them and seen them move. so my questions are 1 will they be any good now that they got cold? any idea why she is kicking eggs out from under her? also I took 2 away when I put the 2 under her. this is her first time being broody. she will be 1 tomorrow.
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    Were the eggs in the incubator before you put them under her? If not, I would say if they were still good when you candled them to get them into an incubator and maybe they will make it. Depends on how cold it is where you are and how cold they got but I would take a chance. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:I find first time broodies are always unpredictable. Some will get up after a fews days to a week of sitting and some will last the 21 days and then walk away from the chicks. So now we don't let any of our pullets try to hatch a clutch the very first time they are broody.
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