Broody magpie and Cayuga Sharing nest- I Tried something!-TIPS PLEASE!


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Jul 9, 2008
Ok, so my cayuga and magpie have been laying in the same nest for over a week ( 18 eggs ) and tosay I caught them both in there - and i beleive they have gone broody. Thing is The magpie is on thenest and the cayuga sis in a depression next to it ( where an old nest was )

Should I place a few of myBuff cross eggs in there for her to set on? Im a little worried that mynew layers shouldnt have too many eggs to have to broody in case they arent up to the job.


Ok so I tried putting some eggs in the indention the other duck made, and when i stepped out of the enclusure to see what they would do, at first the magpie went over and sat on them, then she got in the original nest and pulled them in under her

So now BOTH girls are in the nest with too many eggs ( IMO ) ( 28 )

Do you think If I waited till the got off and expanded the nest so it filled the whole house , giving them each enough room to squeeze it in would work? or would they just "fix" it??
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My goose, turkey and mallard laid eggs in the same nest this spring...and when it was time fo them to set...they couldn't possibly I took some eggs out of the one nest and made another one...(the mallard and goose went broody) They both were happy with the adjustments and had a good hatch.
I think Im going to try it - after I get a little more feedback. I dont want to scare them out of the dog house entirely.
I agree with chickenlittle.

I had a Khaki Campbell and a Mallard sit on the same nest early this summer and it did not go well. They squished some of the babies.

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