broody it ok if she sits on the eggs...could be fertile???


6 Years
Jul 23, 2013
One of my 3 mallards has gone broody. We have wild mallards in our area and our mallards fly off a few times a day and my husband has seen a male mallard in our yard ONCE.

Is it unhealthy if she sits on eggs that will never hatch (we have a pekin and 5 chickens also) so she is sitting on some of their eggs too.

I take out the chicken and the pekin eggs out when I can but leave the mallard eggs.

Her nest also is in the community coop that is in desperate need of cleaning.

I just want her to be happy and if she has some fertile eggs....fantastic!!! We personally don't care for the texture of the mallard egg white so usually just break them and give the yolk to the cat and the white and shell to the chicks and ducks to eat.

Should I just candle the eggs in a few wks/days and if all appear infertile try and break her of habit...seriously I don't mind if she sits on her nest all day...I make sure she eats and drinks at least 2x's a day.

Bottom line what's the problem if she wants to sit on eggs all day that never hatch???


8 Years
Apr 1, 2013
In the woods
My Mom's Muscovy duck decided to set (no male). She had chicken eggs, duck eggs and even one guinea egg in her nest. About 3 weeks ago she hatched out a baby... chicken. They are a happy little family and neither seems to notice that's something's not right :D.
If you want her to hatch out something, but don't think her eggs are fertile, I'd leave the other eggs there too.

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