Broody mama, HELP!


7 Years
Feb 21, 2012
So I have these two broody ducks, one is a week in and one just went broody today. The problem is, we are trying to move. I am mostly trying to figure out how to move them without them ditching the nest. Since the other eggs hadn't developed yet, I figured I'd try something with her. I got a box and put her eggs in it and put it in the same place where she had her nest. I went outside to check on her and she was trying to sit in it but I think it was too small. I put a bigger box there and showed her it was there. My plan is to move her in the box with her nest to the new house so she knows it is the same nest if she continues to lay in the nest. One thing I want to know is how long should I wait before I know that she won't lay on them. Any other advice would be helpful. Thx in advance.

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