Broody mamma!

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    So I have a broody mamma who is going on 2 weeks, the thing is she's not sitting on any eggs! (I have no roo to fertilize eggs) I push her out of the nest a couple times a day trying to break her of her broodiness but it doesn't seem to be working. Last time she went broody, I was able to break her after only about 3 days, this time she's determined to sit in that empty nest!! What should I do, just leave her be or keep on pushing her out into the run??? Quite frankly, she's driving me nuts. SHe is a GLW & about 7 mo old.
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    Personally, I say leave her alone. The poor hormone-driven girl is under enough stress (and boredom). She'll come off on her own at some point. I have learned that bumping her off several times a day isn't going to change her mind. They are determined little mamas!
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    That is usually the only attempt I make to break a broody, but I do it at least a couple of times a day whether it breaks them or not, because I feel it increases their intake. Broodies commonly lose weight, sometimes quite a bit, so I figure at least I'm adding some to her nutrition. I make them get up and move, and then they have always eaten and drunk, and usually go outside and get a little exercise.

    I've only had this not break the broodiness once. She stayed broody for 4 months. I ended up giving her eggs (that I had to mail order.)
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