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    Dec 5, 2014
    I have a hen. She has gone broody. However, she has gone broody in a nesting box with an imitation egg. I put those in the nesting boxes when I first started my flock so they knew where to put their eggs. I worked great. Now, I have an EE, who has decided to monopolize a nesting box, while trying to hatch a wooden egg. I have introduced her to the new rooster. He clucked around her, after she was removed from the box so she could eat. Rather than trying to mate, she decided to bump chests with him. He said, essentially, "the heck with this," and found himself a willing partner who was being a little less mental. I think I am going to have to take out the wooden egg out of that box. Maybe she will get a hint.
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    If she's truly broody, taking the wooden egg out will not change that. There are things you can try to "break" her of being broody, lots of threads here that talk about that. If you don't want chicks, then maybe try some of the suggestions in this thread to break her of her broodiness...
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    If you want chicks, then place some fertile eggs under her and she will do the heavy lifting,. LOL. Just to assure you, that wooden egg is not going to turn into a tree.=D=D=D.. It is not the imitation egg that caused her to go broody. It is a hormone in her that did it. Just part of nature. Now the question is ??? do you want to break the broodiness? or not.? There are ways to do it.
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    Pretend chicks are just as important to Momma Hen as real chicks are! She will be just as imprinted to that nest and wooden egg as she would be if she were sitting on real eggs.

    I have been battling with broody hens all Summer, and am down to my last one. She is in a Buster Cage as we speak. None of us are happy, lol.
    It is much more fun hatching chicks [​IMG]

    - Krista

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