Broody, mites and anemia

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    May 6, 2013
    Hi all.
    I wrote a while back re one of my golden comet hens going broody.
    I intended on building her a broody breaker box but she she only sat for a few hours a day and came out of the coop on he own. She snapped out of it on her own in about a week.
    Unfortunately a couple of weeks later she went broody again only this time more intense.

    She would stay in the nesting box unless I brought her out.
    Once I brought her out, she did normal chicken things …. she always looked for foods, took dust baths hang with the other chickens etc.
    I decided to ride it out … I know BIG mistake.

    A couple of days ago I noticed she had a pale wattle and comb. She does have mites so I gave her a good dust bath.
    I scrubbed and treated the coop a while back and thought the mites were under control. I will not let her back in the coop until she is back to her normal.
    Right now I let her outside during the day and have her in a separate cage at night, but the cage is cozy and not a wire bottom cage. I noticed while she is sitting in it, it is not her usual broody sit. No puffing and flattening as I approach. No more translike stares.

    For the anemia, I have been giving her scrambled eggs, liver , her regular food and nutria-drench (which I am not thrilled with due to propylene glycol being the first ingredient)

    I just checked on her.
    Her comb and wattle are looking better, darker. She was out in the bushes with the rest of the hens looking for bugs. She is not showing signs of fatigue.

    These are my questions

    Is there anything else I should do for the anemia?

    At this stage, should I get that broody box made or continue to do what I am doing? (I keep going back and forth).
    If yes, make the box, should I leave her in it 24/7, or give her some time outside since she eats and forages and does not nest when she is away from the coop?

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