Broody Momma


11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
Greenbrier, Arkansas
I was out of town since Friday morning, and I came back this afternoon and checked on my broody.
She had a dry fluffy fuzzy butt under her. Two more eggs under her, the other hen laid one of them last week in her nest.
So I doubt its going to hatch, but the second that I saved from the snake is not pipped yet but I can hear the
little one inside cheeping so it won't be long now.
Heres the little ones debut appearance.

This is the meanest hen you ever seen, she was raised by another broody. So people are not something she cares for.



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Its an old one, and its an old Pickup Truck Camper, the hens was laying eggs on the stove in there,
so I seen the crockpot laying there without the glass part, so I tossed some wood chips in it and they
started laying in it.
So planned, not really just a matter of it was handy and made it easier to gather eggs. Then she went
broody. Its her first hatchlings, I had an issue with another hen that developed a taste for eggs that
kept brooding to a minimum. But that hen was lost to a dog.

So really planned no, but its kind of an irony right.
And then there was TWO.

I checked before work this morning and the second had pipped so I knew when I got home there should be another mouth to feed.
Well there is.
These are Cuckoo Morans, one is a feather leg and the other came out not.
You can sex these from the markings.
So I got one little Hen and one little Roo.
There is one more egg under her, but it was laid last week and I doubt that she will stay there to hatch it.
She was not happy with me fingering her chicks for pictures either. I got bit, pecked, and squawked at.
Momma and the chicks explored the yard today for the first time.
I even built a hut for them, but that didn't last long, they got out and went back towards the camper.
So I picked up the hen that HATES everyone without issue and set her and the two chicks back
in the crockpot.

Now I've added a pallet up to the door of the old camper where she hatched them they're all
comfy for the night. Hopefully she and the little ones can get in and out with any issue now.

The other free range birds, one hen and two roos are in the chicken house. That house hasn't
been used in over a year because the other flock refused to use it and would let me catch them.

The 12 in the brooder cage are getting bigger too.
With the days in the 90's I've started putting the store bought chicks outside.
I used a few old pallets and some wire and made a make shift playground with cover.
Heres my 10 enjoying the fresh air outside. I bring them in at night.

Heres broody momma doing her chicken momma thing.


They're free range birds.

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