Broody mothers lost interest in chicks


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May 24, 2020

we have two broodys that have sat and hatched 12 chicks. 6 each they did very well. They are just over 4 weeks old, one of the adult hens has started laying and both adult hens are more interested in their own time now.

Example when it’s getting dark in the walk in run the chicks are now having to go to bed without mother’s. They wait until it’s darker then join chicks in coop. I found chicks in a bundle and only a couple of chicks under the hens keeping them warm. I think chicks where settled when hens finally sat in coop.
I picked them up and fed them under hens wings. Hens accepted them and there all under them tonight.

it’s 10 degrees centigrade in UK at night now.
Shall I bring them in at night now and stop relying on broodys keeping chicks warm at night?

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