Broody muscovy caught eating eggs

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    So I bought a muscovy duck for my drake and to use her to hatch out my runners eggs. The first batch I let her sit on were all rotten due to her not being 100% interested in sitting on the in the beginning, just mostly at night. She became very broody later and it rubbed off on my runner, so they were sharing the nest. I started noticing eggs were starting to come up missing and couldn't figure out who was eating them. So I put a carrier in their hutch and none came up missing again. So I let them try again with 12 eggs, all but one were fertile. So today I caught the muscovy carrying an egg out which already had a hole in it (not sure if she broke it open or it was cracked first) was hoping she did it cuz it was a bad egg, but I grabbed it from her and there was a fetus about 10-12 days old still alive [​IMG] So I booted her outta the duck hutch and closed it (I had one heck of a time trying to get her off the nest) so just my runner could sit on them. I was wondering if anyone else had this happen or what could cause a very broody duck to start eating her eggs?
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