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    Broodies have sucky timing. I put in my last bator full for the spring (yeah right I know, I know). Went out to the coop to get eggs... And was met with a pair of hissing, spitting fussy broodies. I hadn't gathered due to rain for two day, hmm part of three. There were a LOT of eggs. Apparently that set them off.

    I just went out and swapped marked bator eggs for unmarked fresh eggs under one hen. Got to do it for the other in a bit and make sure the other is broody.

    Where were they a month ago?

    Evidently they wanted at least 12 eggs to sit on each. Sometimes poultry just makes you go grrr.
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    My one CM got the same memo [​IMG] , My chicks hatched last week and I had really wanted to have a broody hatch some at the same time but she decided this Saturday she needed to go broody know not when I need her to in April [​IMG]
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