Broody on 2 fake eggs?!


13 Years
Nov 13, 2008
Salina, OK
get this, just under a week ago I get a hen from a friend, lose out of a tree in the night. I'm thinking she is an EE from looking at pics. lays 3 eggs in 4 days, I take them and put a toy egg and an empty one I blew {messy!} I've got brooder chicks in her coop in a little cage, so I check in on them about 4 times a day. she was on the eggs most of yesterday, and it looks like all of today. she had been sleeping in the pet carier I took her home in the first night, but now she puffs out over both eggs. and the first few nights she would hide way in the back.

guess I'll get some eggs from someone being that she is my only laying hen at this time. or get a few day olds from the feed store.
if I get chicks do you think she would get off the eggs after only a few days?

so much for fresh eggs for a while

oh yea if anyone in north east OK or nw AR has any chicken or guinea eggs they want to give away or sell cheep pm me
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