Broody on day 16-17 not staying on nest

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    May 20, 2013
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    Last night as we locked the chickens up I noticed that the straw was every where in the coupe and the nest was completely covered! It looked like someone had come in with a shovel and threw the straw every where! My hubby was able to uncover the nest and the broody hen named Chubby got back on. Today another hen named Dotty is on Chubby's nest. I am thinking that it must have been those two hens fighting last night. I'm wondering if Dotty is going broody and fighting for the nest. Right now Chubby is off the best for the second time today which is very odd. Dotty however is on it. How can I keep these 2 from competing? Can I move the next into a dog crate and leave chubby in there with it until the eggs hatch? I'm worried once the eggs hatch that the other chickens will kill them. This is my first time having a broody hen and I'm not sure if I need to separate them or not. Any help is appreciated!!
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    The other chickens could be forcing her off the nest to lay an egg. I'd move her like you suggested.

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